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Pupils researching pupils in the First World War

Contributed by Simon Kinder, Gresham’s School, Norfolk

At Gresham’s every pupil in Year 9 has to research a former pupil from the school who died in the First World War. The pupils research the press, old school magazines, our school archive and web resources to produce a piece for display. Here are the results from one class produced in 2012. From next year we plan to extend the research to look at survivors and those from the community of Holt. While Gresham pupils are lucky in that they can draw on the school archives, similar projects are possible in most local communities by using local archives or family papers. Below are examples of some recent outcomes of this research project.

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Working with drafts of Owen’s “Dulce et Decorum Est”

Contributed by Rachel Yarrow, Abingdon School, Oxfordshire

This is an exercise that encourages students to think about the creative process, editing and the development of a text. It requires them to think about changes made and reasons for these changes, and at the same time prompts them to think about the conditions of gas warfare that Owen writes about. Depending on┬ápupils’ ability, this will work for year 9 or potentially year 8. The worksheet includes images of the drafts, courtesy of the First World War Poetry Digital Archive.

Dulce et Decorum drafts lesson