Photos from the symposium ‘The First World War in the Classroom: A Teacher-Academic Exchange’ held at the IHR, London between 18th and 19th February 2013.


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Final project report available below

Please download our final project report in the Reports section below.

We would like to once more thank our fantastic participants, advisors and colleagues for all their input, comments and support, and the AHRC for making this project possible in the first place. Aimed at the broadest possible audience and freely available for download below, the report outlines the major findings to have emerged from our project. It includes an initial executive summary for the more time-strapped reader.

UPDATE 20th June 2014:

Unfortunately, recent coverage of the project in the TES Magazine (which was subsequently picked up by a number of other papers) presented a few out-of-context remarks as the main substance of this year-long research project and directly contradicted the actual findings as summarised in the project report. We would urge anyone to access the full project report, which includes a short executive summary, for an accurate representation of our results. These are far more nuanced and do not claim that all teachers only teach canonical material, or that all war poets were middle-class, or that young people are already ‘bored’ of the war. We also do not in any way endorse statements made by the Secretary of State for Education or other prominent commentators to the effect that teachers wilfully ‘mis-teach’ the First World War.

UPDATE 24th June 2014:

We are very pleased to say that the TES and the Daily Mail have both agreed to publish our statement of clarification concerning “The First World war in the Classroom”. The research team is happy with their responses and pleased to let the matter rest there.

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July 2014: Please follow this link to read or download our AHRC Project Summary Report (July 2014) which briefly outlines our findings, outputs, impact, lessons learnt, and future plans. Please note: this is a requirement of the funding scheme and is not the same as the final project report below.

June 2014: Please follow the link to read or download our FWW in the Classroom final project report

(You will need Adobe Reader – available to download for free – to view this report)

April 2013: Please follow the link to read or download our Official Post-Symposium Report
(You will need Adobe Reader – available to download for free – to view this report)

May 2013: Please follow the link to a briefer post-workshop report via the Higher Education Academy blog.